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European federation of holistic memory training associations

Guiding principles ot the EFMTA

European Federation of holistic memory training associations

We - the national associations of the EFMTA - promote and propagate the holistic memory training at European level, by placing the human being at the centre of our concerns with all his resources and knowledge.

 We reach our goals by the following principles:

Reaching the human being in his entirety and activating his cognitive performances, his social skills and his self-confidence in daily and professional life.

 Pursuing new scientific knowledge and passing it on to others

Developing European quality standards and ensuring their follow-up by a certification with a quality label.

Being present in public as a guarantor of competence and doing conscious work.

Making possible the exchange of information and experience between our members and maintaining an open and constructive dialogue.

Networking with other institutions at an interdisciplinary level.

We promote the international exchange of experiences regarding memory training for all target and age groups.

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